Hospital Table - Alpha High Low Manual

The orthopedically designed four-position sleep deck can be placed into the following commonly needed positions: Contour Fowler, Semi Fowler, Frame Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg, Cardiac Chair, Nursing or Feeding, and Vascular.

Please choose from the drop down menu, your choice of spring deck, pan deck, laminate head and footboards and high strength blow molded with integral push bar for bed transport and repositioning.

  • Sleep deck Low height 15.5 inch
  • Sleep deck high position 26 inch, with a 6 inch mattress meets the 32 inch stretcher position.
  • Built in Stabilizer legs (lifts hospital bed off casters in Low position, prevents bed movement)
  • Staff Control Panel at foot end of this hospital bed allows total operation of all bed functions as well as lock out of patient pendant, if desired.
  • Auxiliary crank for power failure emergencies
  • Traction Frame adapter is standard on this hospital bed with Blow molded head and foot boards
  • Traction Frame adapter is an extra cost option on beds ordered with Laminate head and foot boards.
  • Standard with link spring fabric deck (above pictured with optional Perforated Steel Pan deck upgrade)
  • 5" caster system, 1 Total Lock, 1 steer, 2 swivel.
  • 6 integrated IV sockets (2 each .5 inch, 2 each .75 inch sockets at the head, 2 each .5 inch and the seat) on the alpha bed with the blow molded head and foot boards, only four each with laminate head and foot boards.
  • Removable high impact polyproplylene foot and end panels with built in tubular push bars for safe and efficient transport, alternately use the decorator laminate panels.
  • Uni-body undercarriage is a welded base for strength and durability.
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